Played my graduating recital at Peabody Conservatory with Billy T, Yoshi Waki, and the great Ralph Peterson Jr.

Played bass clarinet in Gary Thomas' band. Our live performance will be released as Gary's next album -- "AT RISK"


Resurrected the DOUBLE DRUM BAND doing performances with Billy T, Marty Kenney, Jeff Reed, Shawn Simon, Paolo Cantarella, Jon Di Fiore, Abel Tabares, and Gusten Rudolph


Coached by Linda Jo Belsito, I competed at the USA Powerlifting Maryland State Championships as part of TEAM Iron - Strength Training, Education & Performance and PR'd with a 407 squat and 1101 total.


Released my first album, PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD, featuring Billy Test, Travis Reuter, Louis de Mieulle, and Paolo Cantarella.

Played Sax on Theljon Allen's new record due out early 2017.


Started a blog.


Started a podcast.

Got back to my piano roots playing more than I have since I was studying with Harold Mabern. Come see me and my trio host the jam at An die Musik.


2016 was my year.

2017 will also be my year.




Upcoming Performances:


"With more than one drummer, the rhythm can be more multi-directional" -- John Coltrane




Upcoming Performances

The Nate Hook Quartet



Upcoming Performances

Nate Hook Piano Trio


Jam Session

I host a jam session at An Die Musik in Baltimore, MD twice every month with this band.

Upcoming Performances


Born and raised in Texas, Nate Hook’s music embodies the full tone and rich creativity of great horn players from the Lone Star State.  Playing saxophone and piano as a youngster, he learned from the top musicians in the Austin community, including Justin Vasquez, Jeff Helmer, Paul White, Tony Campise, and Alex Bohrer, and performed with groups at the University of Texas, The Elephant Room, and other venues.  Nate moved from Texas and into the East Coast jazz world when he attended William Paterson University, where he studied with Vincent Herring, Harold Mabern, Bill Mobley, and Bill Goodwin, among others.


By 2012, Nate was performing around NYC at locales like Smalls, Smoke, The Lenox Lounge, The Zinc Bar, The Stone, and others.  Living in NYC, he also had the opportunity to perform alongside Jean Michel Pilc, Carlo De Rosa, Bill Goodwin, and others.  In 2013, he started the band “Progressive Overload,” which will release their first album in the fall of 2016.


As a resident of Baltimore, Nate studied with Gary Thomas and earned a performance degree from the Peabody Conservatory.  He has worked in recent years with Ralph Peterson, Alex Norris, Paul Bollenback, and Bob Butta, just to name a few.  In the spring of 2016, Nate played bass clarinet in Gary Thomas’ “Pariah’s Pariahs” ensemble, a recording of which will be available later this year.

Nate also plays bagpipes, as did John Coltrane — a little-known fact about each.